Join the lobbyists register

Under the Lobbyist Code of Conduct, a lobbyist is a person, company or organisation who works on behalf of a third-party client to influence government decisions.

All lobbyists must apply to join the register. They can’t conduct lobbying activities until they’ve been approved and appear on the register.

If you’re a Government Affairs Director

Government Affairs Directors also engage in lobbying activities but must register on the Register of Government Affairs Directors(opens in a new window).

Statutory declaration forms

Statutory Declaration Form Individual
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Statutory Declaration Form Organisation
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Before you apply to join the register

  • Step 1

    Read the Lobbyist Code of Conduct

    Read and understand your obligations under the Code of Conduct.

  • Step 2

    Prepare your details

    When you apply, you'll need to enter the:

    • business name, trading name and contact details of your organisation and an Australian Business Number (ABN) if applicable
    • names, positions and a witnessed organisation statutory declaration for an owner, director or major shareholder if you're registering an organisation
    • names, positions, former affiliations and witnessed statutory declarations for all lobbyists
    • names of any third-party clients you represent and lobby on behalf of
  • Step 3

    Declare former affiliations

    Lobbyists have a duty to act ethically and transparently. Senior public officials can't participate in lobbying activities for a period of time after they've officially resigned. See section 7.1 to 7.3 of the Code of Conduct

    You can't engage in lobbying activities if within 18 months you've served as:

    • a national or state secretary or director, or deputy or assistant secretary or director of a registered political party

    You can't engage in lobbying activities if within 12 months you've served as:

    • a minister or parliamentary secretary of a state or Commonwealth government
    • a chief of staff, senior adviser or adviser in the private office of a Commonwealth or state minister, or parliamentary secretary
  • Step 4

    Upload statutory declarations

    You’ll need to upload witnessed statutory declarations for:

    • an owner, director or major shareholder, if you're registering an organisation
    • all lobbyists, including any owner, director or major shareholder who engages in lobbying activities
  • Step 5

    Choose a responsible officer

    The responsible officer is the point of contact and will manage your details on the register.

    They don't need to register as a lobbyist unless they'll be conducting lobbying activities.