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Business name

SAS Consulting Group Pty Ltd


Winomi Pty Ltd ACN 666 209 703

Peter Constantini and Julie Catherine McLenna as Trustees for the PJC Investment Trust

Illalangi Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Anthony Family Trust

Wentworth Communications Pty Ltd, as Trustee for the Cole Family Trust


Johnathon Baque

Peter Costantini

Current clients

Any clients which are currently represented by lobbyists will be listed below.


Date added: 24 December 2020

Master Electricians

Date added: 24 December 2020


Date added: 30 April 2021

AGPAL Group of Companies

Date added: 22 November 2021

Sterlite Technologies Limited

Date added: 7 December 2021

Safe Places for Children

Date added: 22 December 2022

Skin Cancer College Australasia

Date added: 22 December 2022

Register details

Date joined: 24 December 2020

Date updated: 2 June 2023

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