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Theo Theophanous


Theo Theophanous

Former Affiliations

A minister or parliamentary secretary of a state or Commonwealth government

Current clients

Any clients which are currently represented by lobbyists will be listed below.

Cyprus Community of Melb and Victoria (Director)

Date added: 2 May 2021

Growland Group Pty Ltd

Date added: 1 July 2019

Norstar Steel Recyclers

Date added: 6 July 2020

Former clients

Any former clients that have been represented by lobbyists in the last 12 months will be listed below.

Hellenic Museum

Date removed: 4 July 2022

Huawei Technologies Pty Ltd (Ended 2012)

Date removed: 4 July 2022

Lakes Oil Pty Ltd (Ended 2016)

Date removed: 4 July 2022

Lesso Home Melbourne Pty Ltd (Ended 2020)

Date removed: 4 July 2022

Register details

Date joined: 29 August 2022

Date updated: 31 May 2023

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